January 7, 2012

16 Going On 17

*cue Sound of Music!*

Alright so it's approximately three months to my 17th birthday whoop :D now I can go on with the stereotypical girly rant of disbelief like "omg can't believe i'm that old now i still feel 14 lah wtf har har har ><"
But I don't feel that way at all and so therefore I shan't rant for your sake. You're welcome.

To be brutally honest, though, I don't feel 17... I feel like I'm in my freaking 20's or something. Well for one I have been through too many, let's just say, life experiences, for my age to even begin to justify them. Secondly, I've always been that "big mama" of the grade (being the oldest) and always the one people seek for motherly advice (HAHA fools). Thirdly, idk I don't really have a thirdly - to put things simply, I'm that kid that never acted like a kid, never hung out with kids, never looked like my age... it's so sad but it's true. Masa kecil kurang bahagia max D:

Anywhoozels, my point of this post was originally to list out some items I currently adore!!! Whee prepare to experience the shallow side of me cos here comes my Birthday Wish List ;D wink wink wink wink wink x 1000

1. AstralEye jewelery. I mean sooo freaking amazing you have to click that link and I think these would immediately glam up an outfit! Also, apparently some of them have healing properties like it claims that it can help with AIDS? Can I get a fistbump for healthy fashion?!

Beautiful, aren't they? :') There are lotsa other designs you should checkout. Twas so difficult for me to pick out a few hehe.

2. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are to die for and if you don't know his stuff then I think I need some time to contemplate our acquaintanceship :| ...I'm kidding but look at these shoes! I've been obsessing over clunky, bold-statemented shoes lately so if JC isn't your cuppa tea then I'm sorry.........that you're missing out, that is.

Those are the regular black leather Lita's and they're sold out EVERYWHERE. Well, at least the human sized ones - all they have left are like size 10's and honestly you must be a woman ogre to wear a size 10 hehehe. They go with like every possible outfit you have in your possession I swear. Instantly improves the whole look ah, loooopp.

JC is known for crazy shoewear and when he gets overboard - like Lady Gaga overboard - then that's when I'm not a huge fan. Other than that, so unique and flattering to the body! :)

3. Aztec prints!

Any sort of complex patterns as such are great to pair with solid colors! If you're feeling adventurous, you can even mix these prints with sequined tops or velvet textured clothing which is actually a huge trend right now.

4. I don't even have a Polaroid camera #boohoo but ugh drooling over the limited edition gold-rimmed polaroid film kthx.

Someone get me this!!! Oh and the cam too cos papa doesn't allow me to get one. Something about technology being too advanced to appreciate old-school polaroids. Psh, it's a form of art!

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