January 7, 2012

Start Of Something New

Well I guess I see how appreciation for sunsets comes in - the soft gradation of hues that can spark warmth inside you, how smoothly and gracefully the sun moves in the afternoon sky, and the reflection of it all illuminating the surface of the waters. It's undoubtedly beautiful and symbolizes the closing of the survival of another day in this crazy world. When the sun sets and the stars come out to play, we'd heave a sigh of relief, kick our shoes off, lean back, and laze in a daze under the darkness.

We wake up the next morning, the sun bright and dandy, ready to embark on another tough day of repetitious activities. Now excuse my sudden random thought but what I've noticed is that it's very seldom that we give that same appreciation that we do sunsets to sunrises.

If the sun setting gives us closure, then doesn't the sun rising gives us a sense of new beginnings? That feeling of rebirth, turning into a new leaf, finding hope you once lost along the way. When I watch a sunrise dawning (lol, pun!) upon me, I see it as the universe giving me another chance for a day better than the previous one - a shot to make things right. Is that weird? Perhaps I'm looking too deeply into the whole concept, perhaps English Lit's close-reading assignments have etched a permanent mark in me hahaha.

What I'm saying, folks, is that you should never let failures bring you and your self-esteem in a downwards spiral. It's already bad enough that you failed, you know? Don't let it discourage you even more, for that would make for another failure. So you screwed up this time, that's okay, you still have tomorrow, next time, next year. Had a bad day? Well your days can't ALL be bad if you don't make it be! The sun doesn't stay down forever...it'll rise again before you know it to brighten the new day :)

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