February 25, 2012


Been having a hecccccc-freaking-tic last coupla weeks! So I apologize profusely for the people who have been requesting this post and that post, hehe. I know I promised to blog about many things but I really haven't had the time :(
Patience is a virtue! I will keep to my words! Forgive me! Keep holding on! What would Jesus do!
...K I'm just blabbering now.

Anyway, my brother Rus introduced this song to me several weeks ago. Didn't love it at first but as soon as I heard the lyrics I decided to listen to it repetitiously until I did fall in love with it. Haha and it's hella ill too when the beat drops at around... 2:37! :D

Can somebody cut me some slack
I been workin damn hard
Breakin' my back
Monday to Friday
Running late nights
Call me workaholic
Cuz' baby I am on it

I own this shit all week
This beats for all my freaks
Were running on to sleep
So line the shots up
Because this party's jumpin'
We turn the volume up an
Don't stop till we get enough

Time to loose my mind
Cuz' I work damn hard
So I'll play damn hard
Lost in the night
Cuz' I work damn hard
So I'll play damn hard

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