September 25, 2009

The Magnetic Field

Have you never heard of how opposites attract?
How two people with nothing in common whatsoever being able to plummet into deep, conspicuous love? They'd fall into that gaping hole of theirs, stuck there forever with no way out to the world outside.
And guess what? They wouldn't even have mind. Not one bit.

You have brought me doubt, confusion, and desperation. You have lured my long-lost feeling of helplessness in spite of myself. But after all that you've put me through, I just can't stop thinking about you.
Sometimes I see it in your eyes, and they tell me a million things. I feel content of what I see, what I hear. But that isn't until I see your body language. They say this factor is the ultimate tell-tale sign of someone.
That makes me scared.

Now I am torn between the language you pronounce through your eyes and the one you use through your actions. You act like you despise me, escaping left when I'm at right, and right when at left. I would then be positive of your hatred for me, although I couldn't seem to understand the reason why.
Then they come in. They tell me they know. They tell me you love me? They tell me many things that kept me indecisive.
What can I believe? What should I believe?

If magnets can do it, why can't we? North and south, they seem happy together. Connected in ways that outsiders may never be able to comprehend. We are two opposites, we just have to find our way to learn from the magnetic force.

Baby I'll be your north if you'll be my south.

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