September 29, 2009

The Wants Of Mine

This is dedicated to all the girls out there. I'm pretty positive this is what most females want from love and romance. Enjoy, comment :)

I want someone that seems like he doesn't care but deep down I know he does.
I want someone that can brighten a blue day with the smallest of smiles.
I want someone that doesn't pretend, is real and true to himself.
I want someone who can or tries to understand the reasons of my sometimes unfathomable actions.
I want him to care but never in obscenity but in sincerity. Never for the sole reason of proving to others what a good person he is.

I want him to know that the little details matter.
Sometimes more than the big purposefully heroic acts do.
I want him to be loyal.
I want honesty, even when it hurts.
I want someone that loves me enough to hold my hair and rub my back if I have to puke down the toilet.
I want someone that gives unexpected hugs and kisses.
I want someone that doesn't tell me he loves me because he feels obligated to, but only if he really believes it. I can tell.

I want someone that convinces me that I look fine in my oldest sweats. And means it.
I want someone that tells me straight-on that he doesn't like my appearance that day. Then offer constructive criticism which I may or may not accept. (hehe)

I want someone whom I can shoot witty comments at and get a clever tease right back without the usual stupid blank look.
I want him to be down to earth and not be one of those boys that bring digital cameras everywhere in case they needed to take pictures of themselves. (and if you're one of these ppl, go shoot yourself.)
I want someone that can have fun and try new things.
I want him to be respectful to all religions, cultures, and race as I try to be. Discrimination is a big turn-off.

I want a person who can love others and himself. Who is able to accept differences and adapt to them. Who understands preferences and individuality.

Yet above all, it is also crucial for him to be somewhat good-looking. That's not too much to ask for now, is it? ;)

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