September 12, 2009

Love At First Sight

A poem I made for Bhs Indo class, had to translate it to Indo afterwards ._.
Not (completely) a true story hehe.

On the cold marble ground I sit
The non-existent warmth
Only the cold radiating throughout
My tears, they turn to icicles

Limited oxygen eludes me
I gasp for air in sharp, quick breaths

I felt hope drain out from my very soul
My broken lonely heart impossible for repair
Then came a sudden light
I squinted towards it with damp eyes

Through my teardrops I see
The most gorgeous human being
I'm sure anybody has ever seen
I felt a glint of hope flutter deep inside

My hope pounded ferociously in my chest
It wanted out
With every step that you take
There was another intake of essential air for me

You extended an assuring helping hand
An invitation to happiness and protection
To dying love you had revived
Could this be love at first sight?

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