October 24, 2011

Starry Eyes

I'm in a plane, window-seat. I look at the pretty city lights through my tears; so beautiful. Their brightness would fulfill one to the brim with ambition and hope. Knowing my city, I recognize those lights far too well. I know that though I can appreciate them now, these lights come from frustrated souls all over the land, 30,000 feet down.

Busy weekend night. Hot fumes and angry honks. Packed roads with cars, an assortment of different vehicles with their night light turned on so that the dark may be replaced with light light light.

Different perspectives come from different circumstances. From an eagle view, I am almost engulfed with this aura of life. This knowledge that whatever obstacle that I am surely to encounter, I'd always have that undying flame in me, the one that I won't ever let die. In the worst of times, you will always, always be able to find some form of good and hope.

It just takes one that is willing to have the might and determintation to search :)


  1. What city is that? So beautiful. :)

  2. Hehe, I don't actually know. Well the city talked about in this post was Jakarta but I believe every city would be beautiful in eagle view - especially during the night :)