July 11, 2009

Hot or not?

Aight folks. Tell me the truth, do you think this is hot or so not?

So. To tell you the honest truth, I've been mulling over (for only the past five mins, really) whether or not I should really post this entry cos I don't want you to start seeing me as a sickass 14 year old that goes searching for half-naked pics of men in the middle of the night.
I didn't, really. Perez Hilton (the true homo he is), on Twitter, set a link to this pic. Anddd... I might as well share it with you kinky ladies/gentlemen?

What do you think? Apparently everyone on Twitter thinks it's "so hot zomg!".
Call me lesbian all you want, but I do NOT think that's in the slightest bit attractive. Ugh.
I mean, for starters. That's revealing way too much Kellan Lutz! I personally suggest that stays in the bedroom, however much you wanna radiate your "hotness" to the public ._.
And do you see those monstrous veins?! I mean his arms look like trees!

Yeah I know I'm sounding like such a stereotypical bimbo right now but bear with me for a second. I just gotta get this off of my mind thank you very much.

That's all. Sleep tight. I hope I don't get nightmares.

Signing off,

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