May 16, 2012


I know many people give me crap about the amount and/or the frequency in which I put on my makeup. It has gotten to the point where even when I haven't a stitch of makeup on, nobody believes me, saying how I'm just hiding behind my mask, hiding the true person that I am, bla di bla.

Yes I have to admit that it's difficult for me to go out, meet people, and be completely confident without makeup to hide the insecurities that I have. I acknowledge that I'm not this perfect person and I can never be that perfect person even with five tonnes of makeup piled onto my face... I guess you could say I'm still in that learning process. I'm learning to accept myself - warts and all. I'm also learning to accept the fact that not everybody will do the same. There will be talk regardless of whatever decision one makes. You can never win with society. You put makeup on, people call you vain, egocentric, or "secretly ugly". You go au naturalé, people say you're fugly as a baboon's butt. Point is, with whatever it is that you do, do it for yourself. Nobody else lives your life better than you do!

The video I embedded above is a 12-minute long vlog by Jen from Youtube's frmheadtotoe. I randomly clicked on the video, not paying too much attention to what she was saying at first. But I have to say by the end of it, I was completely moved by her honesty and bravery for showing her thousands of viewers how she looked like bare-faced. She has definitely changed my perspective on makeup. I realized how I depended too much on makeup to boost my self-confidence. Makeup can definitely do that to a woman, but it shouldn't be seen as a necessity, which was what it was quickly becoming for me. Anyway if you have the time please watch the video, girls! It doesn't matter if you're someone who wears makeup or not, but she talks a lot about body image and insecurities, which I'm sure every single person struggles with :)

I'm not saying that I'm giving makeup up altogether because let's face it, I still love it and how it's so close to magic haha. But I now see it in a different light - just a tool that we may or may not choose to utilize. With that said... requested makeup tutorial coming up! Been busy lately will try to film this weekend hehe kbye.


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