March 11, 2012

Holy Grail Makeup Products

So this post is dedicated to all those girls (and guys I guess, no judgment) who requested a makeup-related post! I tried filming a makeup tut but decided it sucked due to lack of equipment (lighting, tripod, good camera). S'all good though! I'm gonna be talking about some of my Holy Grail products instead. I don't go a week without these babies.
Hope you enjoy and find this informative :)

My NARS trio palette! Got it at NYC's Sephora for about 40 bucks. Pretty reasonable pricing for NARS merch.

Haha as you can see I've hit bottom with the 'Laguna' bronzer. I usually sweep it on with an angled blush brush on the sides of my cheeks or bridge of my nose - giving my face more definition. I only contour when I really need to though... like on weekends or bloated days!
The middle color is just your regular, white highlight color. It has a golden shimmery tinge to it that I'm not a big fan of. I have an oily complexion so any shimmer just adds to all the sliminess.
On the very left is 'Orgasm' blush, NARS ultimate favorite! Lots of girls around the world looooove this shade, probably cos there's that gold shimmer to it again. It gives my face more life and true to its name, makes me look like I just had an... well okay let's just say a pleasant time LOL. I'm just kidding guys it's a joke.


12 shades of pure awesome. All these colors are so so so so pigmented! Well idk if I should say "colors" since they aren't very colorful eh? They're all of a neutral disposition, I suppose. Browns, creams, black. They glide on the eyelids very easily and stays put too. I still put primer all over my eyes beforehand though, because that oily eye makeup look ain't so pretty, don't you think?

Here's the Urban Decay Primer Potion that I absolutely love! I swear this thing keeps your eye makeup on so well, you could survive a tsunami and still look fab with your smokey eyes HAHA.

My favorite matte lipstick evuuuuur. MAC's in the shade 'Kinda Sexy'. It's so sexy guys.

Here's me with 'Kinda Sexy' on my lips. The retard that I am, I edited all these pictures so they look super washed-out... and now you can hardly see the lipstick shade accurately. Good job Titan.
Anyway, it's a nude color with a tinge of pink? Peach? Coral? I have absolutely no idea how to describe the color properly but it's just so nice and unique gaiseee <3 you just gottaaaa check it out at your nearest MAC counter kk, promise? K.
Lancome's Ampilcils Mascara! Unfortunately they discontinued this type : ( but unlike Lancome's other mascaras like Hypnose or that retarded vibrating one, this one is lighter and isn't too drama - perfect for daily wear! The brush applicator really distinguish each and every tinyass lash, making sure they are all evenly coated :D
Let me just say, I'm a HUGE fan of mascara and I never go a day without it. I have really blant eyes and they always look like potatoes (hahhahhahahhaha ok ngaco) without any makeup. A single coat of mascara fixes it though! Immediately I'd look so much more awake, bright-eyed, and alive. With that said, I've tried out lots of different mascaras but so far Ampilcils does it BEST. It keeps the curl extremely well on my lashes, though the experience does differ from one girl to the next.

Just the best eyeliners in the world :)
Revlon's ColorStay for liquid eyeliner and Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes for pencil!!! Trust me there's nothing better!


  1. omg titan your make up taste mirip bgt sama gw (y) i have the same mac lipstick, urban decay naked, and nars trio palette haha

  2. WOOHOO that's so cool! iya bagus2 semua yaaa :') padahal yg mac lipstick gw kyk randomly ambil aja loh pas beli hahaha

  3. Hi Titan, i hope u read n reply to this comment.. wondering u jepit matanya dimana ya, ur eyes looks gorgeous ! Thanks before.. :)