March 26, 2012

Chipmunk's Seventeen

Makeup by Anpa Suha. This was 12 hours after he applied it and it was STILL immaculate and perfect! :O and for the record I sweated sooo much from all the wildass dancing and walking around.

Finally 17 you guysss! :) Had a wonderful birthday bash last night regardless of the things that went wrong (my countless times of tripping over, friends that couldn't make it, the several birds that were supposed to fly away dramatically but instead splat on the ground HAHA). I want to thank each and every one of you guys that made my seventeenth, indeed, very sweet!!!

I don't have any pictures from the (pre/after) party just yet but I'll have them up as soon as I get them from my photographer! :) Maybe I'll even post about the party in detail alongside the pics, let's just see how my laziness plays out.

I liked each and every single one of the presents people gave me, though it kinda frazzled me how SO MANY PEOPLE GOT ME BODY SCENTED THINGS. E.g: Lola perfume by Marc, Juicy Couture perfume set, Versace perfume set, Lush products... and lots and lots of body soap -_- what are you guys trying to prove here?!
Hahah I'm only joking. I know I don't stink. I think.

But yeah that's besides the point. I really enjoyed looking through all the prettily wrapped gifts and thoughtful cards :') made me feel so loved! Hehe and let's not forget the videos that my friends made for me - aaahhhh made my night just that much more amazing.
I especially loved the one that somebody very special to me madeee :)) hihi thank you again&again&again for the effort you've put in. You never fail to surprise me. Makes me wish even more you were right here to spend my bday with me :(
..but that's okay, all in good time, right!

Ok that is all for today,


  1. Happy belated sweet 17th birthday Titan! Hope that you had a wonderful birthday :) good luck for your study in Shanghai! :D

  2. What event organizer do you use for your party? :)

  3. Thanks Cara! :)
    Bigson Enterprise :)