December 1, 2010

Flawless is what we aim for

People say perfection is a flaw, that we're perfectly imperfect. They say they are completely content with the state of being in which God created them - glad they weren't made absolutely stunning, absolutely caring, nor absolutely healthy.

That, my friend, is a load of bullshit. We convince ourselves of this indefinite fact because we know that really is all that we can do. Persuade our inner self that yes, it is okay that perfection is something we can never grasp. The one impossible thing that no matter how much we try, how hard we attempt to achieve, or how much sweat goes down our balls, flawless is what we can never, ever obtain.

So let's you and I live the rest of our lives striving to murder the nagging little insecurities tattooed in our very soul. Let's continue deceiving ourselves and maybe one day we would be able to sincerely believe it :)

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